Is this what work looks like to you?

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OK so as I write this blog tonight, I’m home alone without my gorgeous wife, she is out having a beautiful dinner in Brussels with her work colleagues, and i’m a little bit bored and thinking, how can I use my time more productively. I thought why not practice a bit of self- South Brittany, South Brittany! WT!, (Self-branding) why would I type this? well I wouldn’t and I’m not, I’m dictating most of it on my Google Pixel mobile phone, yes its a bit cheeky, lazy too I know, but its speeds up work flow so much, technology has come so far and I love it. I bet your thinking “why have I done this yet” I say give it a try!

So I’ll move on and get to the point, I’d like to talk about marketing, photography and how marketer needs to pay more attention to digital images and the power they possess.

How many marketers pay attention to the images being used in there DMC strategy or wider marketing strategy, they say a picture paints a thousand words and I would agree, you don’t see the traffic lights in most city’s saying WALK or STOP no my friend they show a picture or symbol, a picture can be symbolic too and it’s easier to comprehend.

So a little about the professionals you might need to deal with or even in house ones, Some photographers will sell you the world, Some will say they are natural light pros but that is code for- I don’t know anything about flash photography and

(I’m not saying I do…. but they should, and that is something I endeavor to learn about)

or how to use a grey card or a light metre. Are they using colour calibrated monitors, are they using a full frame camera at the very least, This stuff is industry standard or in the corporate world we would say-best practice, sounds a bit PC to me.

I am of the belief that the power of Visual Communications is climaxing and the rise of digital and social marketing Media that modern marketers used to promote their content and Brands is becoming more and more ambiguous.

For instance, I see so many LinkedIn business profiles that are using Unsplash, Unsplash is a dirty content marketer secret, but they do have free high resolution stock photos, they’ve now amassed a rather large online warehouse of stock images however they don’t update them very often,  I’m not sure if it’s monetised yet but it will be soon.

A big issue is that Googles algorithms are involving every single day, and Google loves fresh, crisp, creative, new and different content; all the old stuff gets pushed to the back of the bus if you keep putting old stuff Google will just walk on by again until you come up with something more authentic, You can of course buy your way to the front of the bus but not every Marketing strategy has a bottomless budget.

Lisa Friedman marketing manager of global partners operations SAP has written a great article where she goes on to state that “visual elements increases people’s willingness to read content by staying 80%”, furthermore “The human brain can only process a limited amount of information at a given time. Data that can be processed much faster, such as a compelling photograph, will always take precedence.”



Knowing where to fish in a digital ocean

Digital Marketing Communications
Image Courtesy of Tom Quandt 

Knowing where to fish can be the difference between eating or going hungry, to put this into a digital marketing business context, let’s call the Internet of things (IOT) the ocean, and some fish in the ocean supply the revenue, keep in mind bait fish cost money too, lets call bait-fish your budget.

How do we know where to fish? what bait to use? and how much of it before moving on to a different location or in this instance different social media platform.

Your probably thinking enough with the metaphors right! OK we currently understand the world wide web as Web 2.0, Well Welcome to Web 3.0. “The ever-present Web 3.0 has to do with the increasing popularity of mobile internet devices and the merger of entertainment systems and the web.”(Nations, 2018) Simply put the Web has gotten a whole lot bigger and more complex, What has this got to do with marketing I hear you say! well Sir or Madam its has created noise and a lot of it, its made the waters murky if you must, From a Marketing perspective it used to be just the four P’s, I’m sure this is what your parents studied a thousand years ago.

Fundamentally it’s still the four P’s which consist of Price, Product, Place and Promotion

The Four P’s

However, promoting your product has changed a lot because the web has changed dramatically, by analysing trends of where the fish are feeding and in which area of the internet we can then identify better drivers for the business. lets say that Facebook is the Indian Ocean, Twitter is the Coral Sea, Instagram is the Tasman Sea and finally YouTube is the Arafura Sea. You’re after a particular fish and your bait only goes so far and the ocean is a big place and not all oceans have the fish your after…Confused yet.

To conclude the rapid change and expansion in digital marketing with the advent of Web 3.0 is putting bigger and bigger budgets in unprepared hands and places more emphasis on analysis of Mediumism, mediumism is coined in the book X: THE EXPERIENCE WHEN BUSINESS MEETS DESIGN it describes placing inordinate weight on the technology of any medium rather than amplifying platform strengths to deliver desired, integrated experiences. What this means to you, is that you shouldn’t write a massive product description and put it on Instagram or put funny memes on LinkedIn you wouldn’t be using the right bait in the right ocean for the right type of fish. So, make sure you employ the right fisherman (Marketer).