Google, holding the internet captive



Source: The Korea Times

I’m no longer friends with Google.

Google was like my study buddy and when I needed help sometimes I would ask my friend where I could find something or if they knew about a particular subject. My friend was like an unbiased objective professor with infinite knowledge and wisdom.

But something is changing about my friend, he or she “I never did find out what sex the professor was” anyway they have changed, I have a suspicion their mind is elsewhere, every time I ask Google something, Google starts raving about ads, ads,ads and then starts selling me things, I put down my google Pixel last week to ask a friend if they has something I could borrow and the next day Google is trying to sell me that product.

By the time Google get’s to the point of the story they have completely lost me, I end up hone hundred links deep into the IOT. Lately I’v been studying and conducting academic research with a few other different friends to gather more objective opinions its very enlightening to see what other opinions people (search engines) might have.

OK so in short it’s my belief that after years of using Google as the go-to search engine, our relationship is coming to an end, I feel like the flow of information and freedom I once had has been blocked by ads, videos and pop ups.

Google to me was once an free and open gateway to the net, its now appears to be claiming THAT IT IS THE NET, that Google is the one source of information, hardly conducive of net neutrality I think.

The problem is rather a complex one with service providers slowing down internet speeds of certain search engines and Google actively blocking other search engines such as, Duckduckgo is like what Google used to be, same could be said about Facebook before adds and WhatsApp before it turned to the monster it is today and was bought by Facebook. Its Only a matter of time before Wikipedia is aggressively taken over by Google or Facebook or even Amazon.

“Google, Inc., isn’t just the world’s biggest purveyor of information; it is also the world’s biggest censor.”

With great power comes great responsibility, Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil” apparently ruining the internet and putting up walls and trapping people in loops that keep you within the Google garden and stopping you from actually finding useful information is not evil……I guess not, but its is not a prerequisite for the growth of a free and open net.

What is the point of all of this, it is to encourage the reader that has the attention span to read to the bottom of this article to search further abroad, don’t become a Zombie walking around the Google garden, Google’s roughly 60% stranglehold on Web search is killing the diversity of information on the internet not to mention the massive problem that no one seems to paying attention to….. Click fraud, the Motley fool reports that

” the explosion of link farms and spamblogs is pretty decent evidence that the click-fraud biz is not only alive and well, but also thriving at the expense of all of us. Except Google. For now, anyway”, we are being taken for a ride.