Marketers and Twitter

Your thinking I already know how to use Twitter, its part of our DMC strategy or broader marketing strategy and I’ve been using it for years and we’ve got hundreds of followers. I pose the question for self reflection, are you using the right tool for the right job, is it really giving you returns, I’m aware most of you probably have it plugged in to Google analytics but unless your selling your star power of your opinions it probably inst doing much in terms of brand recognition, So lets look at this from a different angle, social media according to online Cambridge dictionary is defined as ;

“Websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information on the internet using a computer or mobile phone” 

I would draw your attention to the word people, social media is where people talk to people and share content, if you have a look at the top 100 Twitter accounts being followed on twitter I can tell you there is not a lot of brands with the exception of companies that have changed the way we live, such as Google and NASA to name a few, most are actually people.

Twitter “On which planet does a tweet at the right time beat traditional, beautifully executed video ads? asks Mark Ritson, Associate professor of marketing and branding

Mark Riston gives an excellent speech at the Melbourne Universities Business School. which happens to be ranked 32nd in the world…(just saying) So why have we been sold this lie that spending inordinate hours posting to Twitter for company brands is an effective strategy.

I will give you one good reason-shareholder value, another is just pure media bias and no real subjective examination of facts which Mark Ritson has so kindly done for me as you can see below, the average Australian watching TV did’t suddenly swap to the internet, As per graph nothing changed between 08 and 2012.

twitter 2

OK, so I know your thinking, but its 2018! and the world has changed a lot (not likely) Donald Trump is now a sitting president, I’ll give you that…that’s change and not the good kind. I digress, Below is the latest from Roy Morgan witch just further strengthens my argument.

twitter 3 Yet major news media corporations such as Forbes are selling such unsubstantiated highly subjective statement such as “According to Twitter, 74% of people who follow a brand on Twitter do so to get product updates.” ……..My mind just exploded, I think i’m living out in real life, the 2006 Film “Idiocracy” The statement from Twitter is of course bias, it’s like saying; according to myself, “I’m the best blogger in the world”, this statement is untrue of course and is completely unsubstantiated furthermore Twitters comment is completely self serving, This is just one problem with public companies where almost everything said is in the best interest of the share holder and not the greater public.

In conclusion, crunch the numbers, do your due diligence and don’t believe everything the young hip millennial with the iPhone is saying.

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