The Sub-Cultural Tsunami

Image Courtesy of Alexander Marinescu

A huge tidal wave has swept across the web and more specifically the web 2.0 and leaving in its wake web 3.0, a highly interconnected accessible and almost asymmetrical web, where business of all sizes can market there goods to the world and the world can either embrace these goods or reject them.


This new exposed terrain has presented the digital marketing cohort with many obstacles, Some of these obstacles include “Micro-communities”(William Belk, n.d.) for instance yesterday I was sitting down for my morning coffee perusing the Brussels Times, a kind of Online newspaper for Expats, behold! I see a headline stating “ Belgium’s e-sport market experiences spectacular boom” I must have been living in a cave for the past ten years.

I digress, according to the Brussels Times and studies conducted by PayPal “Belgium’s e-sport market generated three million dollars and is expected to increase by more than 20% this year.”(Maria Novak, n.d.) Furthermore  “In 2017, more than 111 million people watched the Super Bowl”(Syracuse Staff, 2017) and in contrast e-sports has “250 million”(Syracuse Staff, 2017) followers and most of which pay to view this online competition.

The learning’s above demonstrate how much momentum some micro-communities can achieve before morphing into an international industry ripe for the picking.

So, we have established that there is yet another sub culture that isn’t micro but rather turning into a macro culture. The issue for digital marketers is that sub cultures are popping up every week, and the traffic and content created on the web from these sub cultures are creating barriers in the form of digital noise in which marketers need to be able to penetrate. Other issues effecting the web 3.0 are bots, Bots can be programmed by anybody even unintentionally to click your ads thus giving you false data and feedback with software such as google analytics.

This doesn’t just affect the digital marketing guy in the corner but your whole marketing strategy hence this being a subject in my business degree, so as the old saying goes keep your friends close (The Web 3.0) and your enemies closer (bots).

To conclude digital marketers are facing a highly saturated web full of cute kittens and bots which only makes content creation authenticity all the more paramount, Be unique, creative and stop using so many reused stock photos like I’m about to do, as you can see my budget is a little low.


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