Best Practice for Digital Marketing Communications and everyone else

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Why would you need to know about digital marketing communications (DMC) and it’s best practices, first off, let me throw around some hard facts and statistics for the intelligentsia of the world. “Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and it is estimated that in 2017, 83 percent of all mobile users will have a smartphone, in comparison to 74 percent of users in 2014. The vast majority of people in Australia already have a mobile phone, with the number set to reach 19.4 million people in 2017.”(“• Smartphone Statistic,” 2018)

According to the Australian bureau of statistics (ABS) and pen pushers no pun intended, the population as of 30 June 2017 was “24, 598 933 million”(European Commission, 2015), so what there telling us is that 79 percent of Australians have mobile phones and the number of smart phone users are only increasing.

You may be thinking that marketing doesn’t apply to me, Well your just plain wrong. Let me educate you and then I’ll give you some basic tools, Let’s say you’re an accountant and your Chief Marketing Officer is of course always trying to get some huge budget for their department, the Marketing strategy has an outlay of 1.2 million, of course you saw the figures last year after their last effort and you’re not impressed with the Return of Investment (ROI).  The strategy in question is a copy and paste of last year’s marketing campaign. (The CMO thinks you have forgotten what a flop it was…Pfft)  but wait because you reading these hot tips below you’ve got this in the bag.

So, let’s talk about those basic tools you need to arm yourself with, whilst in a round table meeting 

1. SEO

SEO…. this has nothing to do with your CEO, its stands for Search Engine Optimization, So why is this so important? because web browsers are constantly updating there algorithm’s that help keep keywords part of the search engine cycle in order to make your brand more discoverable on the internet.


2. Social Media

Social media, I’m not going to extrapolate about what this even is, rather where you should put it, as I mentioned earlier approximately 83 percent of mobile phone users are using a smart phone. I’m sure the digital designer at work thinks everything looks amazing on the their huge Apple Mac screen, but most people will be interacting via their Smart phone probably on the toilet, train or in bed…no data on that one. “Consumers are expecting cohesion across multiple platforms, and the easier they are to use the more likely this will drive viewer engagement”.(Jeremy Goldman, n.d.)


Image courtesy of Rawpixel

So, to wrap up this blog, next time you get a chance to even sit at the table be sure to raise your hand and ask the hard questions, such as “have we updated our SEO strategy and are our invested scarce resources showing transparent ROI as our messages may be going nowhere. That will raise the eyebrows of any CEO and just watch his head turn towards the CMO.

PS…listen more than you speak.

Stay tuned for more Digital Marketing communication best practices

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